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Hi! My name is Jamie, a 28 y.o. stay-at-home mom of five kids. They are aged 6, 5, 4, 2, and 1.

My 5 year old is named Lelan Bennet, but I call him Ben. My ex-husband named him after his deceased father, which is nice, but I do NOT like the name!! :P Ben is border-line autistic, but extremely intelligent. He was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder), when he was two, and one of his main problems is that he's anti-social. While the other kids in the household were learning to talk and walk, he was sitting down looking at books and learning his alphabet. By age 2, he could repeat the entire alphabet, forwards and backwards.

By age 3, he could write his letters.

Age 4, he could read larger words.

Age 5, he is now in kindergarten, but has a special class to go to three times a week. He has already been tested for the gifted class (enrichment program), even though they normally don't do that until 2nd grade. He can read anything you set in front of him, and can write out long, complicated sentences with little to no help.

He is very highly developed in those areas, but in other areas, he is sorely lacking. He does not like physical contact, and often gets in trouble on the playground at school, because he does not want to be around other kids. We take the kids to the park often, since it's only three streets away from our home, and encourage him to climb the equipment, and make a HUGE deal out of it when he decides to go down a slide or swing. It seems to be working little by little.

He is not fully autistic, but so close on the scale that it's scary. We love our little man, and are happy with the progress he's made! :)
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I would be proud regardless! It seems you really are proud of him. :)

I would like to know more about your other kids though. :)
Thanks. We've had a lot to deal with in the past few years, and you have actually hit on a problem that comes up in our family: it does sometimes seem like the other kids get left out or overlooked, because Ben gets into trouble or throws tantrums. He takes up a lot of time and attention. :( So here are my other four:

Autumn, 6, is awesome at drawing and painting, and she fills up our fridge door (and Gran-Gran's...and Granny B's...and Papaw's...Lol) with her artwork. She actually won first place at both last year's and this year's book fair at her school. :)

Austin loves anything active, and I have a feeling he will be a football player. He's not heavy, but he's stocky and a little muscular for a 4 year old, if that makes sense, Lol. My husband took martial arts classes when he was younger, so he's teaching it to Austin, who is LOVING it.

Angelina, 2, is my little singer, and anytime I'm at the piano or I practice my flute, she's right there watching me. Sometimes she makes up words to my songs and sings them. It's super-cute. You know how parents of pop stars always say: "He/She has been singing since she could walk!" Well, that's Lina, Lol. She's really great at carrying a tune, too.

Aiden (last, but not least), 1, is going to be our super-star baseball player. He can throw really hard and far already. It's funny to see family members cringe in terror when he comes into the room with a ball, and then raises his arm up to throw it at them. Lol. It really does hurt, because he throws HARD. That child has an arm on him. :)

Thanks for asking, I love talking about them! :D

Your turn! Tell me about your kids; what do they like to do?