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Baby Sling

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good baby sling? I want to be able to use it when nursing to hold the baby in place and comfortably nurse in public.
Also, I joined this community when my son, who was born in 2003, was still a baby, and now I have a new baby, born in September of 2008. I just created a community for parents of children born in 2008. I look forward to connecting with you if you would like to join!
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I always enjoyed and foound my Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. It was comfortable and pretty much idiot-proof, plus it worked well into toddlerhood for my kids (I can still easily cart my 3-year-old in it). But honestly, you have to try different kinds out, different things work for different people.
I currently have a baby bjorn, it is idiot proof as well, but I can't nurse her while I'm walking with it...can you nurse hands free with yours?
I liked my baby bjorn for winter walking (my oversized jacket zipped quite neatly over the both of us), but it's true, it's not really much for nursing. My sling, however, was a hands-free nursing model. It also provided a certain amount of modest covering while my little ones were having a munch. My over the shoulder baby holder is the one piece of baby gear I still cling to...even though my littlest is 3 now, I can still put her in it if she gets tired out on long hikes.
I love the Sling-Ezee that I got as a hand-me-down. It didn't come with instructions and I tried it out but couldn't get it to feel right. Once I had someone at a La Leche Leage meeting show me how to use it I fell in love. I nursed Case in it at baby showers, in church and standing in a parking lot waiting for a parade! He is now 18 monhts old and I still put him in it occasionally when he is having a 'clingy' day.
Here is the website -
Thank you. I will look it up!