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Hey all, my 3 1/2 year old son keeps touching his penis. It doesn't matter if he's mad, sad, happy or curious.. he is always touching it. When I catch him doing it I tell him not to touch it and that it is only something he should touch in the bathroom or his bedroom but it hasn't stopped.

My dad told me it is normal and just to ignore it but it really drives me crazy!

Are your boys doing this?
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does Seth EVER! but your father is right, its normal. i taught seth that, like nursing after he was about two and a half...its to be done in. your. home. only. funny story...when my husband first got stationed here at ft drum, we stayed in the hotel for a month. hubby's sergeant came with him early one morning, and seth woke up in the boys bed...and started his morning ritual. sergeant saw him, and talked to him about it, telling him how its for private time. apparently he got through where we didn't, and seth listened! so maybe if you have someone outside the home explain? good luck!
Yes, my 3 1/2 year old has been doing that since he was like 9 months old. He's just curious, and.... you know, it feels good. We just tell him not to do it around people he doesn't know or outside the house. He's usually pretty good about it. Though once he DID once pull it out once to show a friend of mine, "Wanna see my penis???" ummmmmm.... proud boy! LOL Luckily it hasn't happened since! heh.
I have a girl so no i haven't had the problem quite. Though when I was potty training Abby (we did nakey butt for a few days till she got the hang of it) she did do that. My only question would be, Have you tried actually sending him to his room when you catch him? Not as punishment but more in the attitude, "if you want to do that, then you need to do it in your room not in the public areas of the house." I only had to make Abby go to her room once for doing it and she hasn't done it since.

Also, just because something is age-appropriate does not mean that is appropriate.
Yes. My son does it.