Kaffeeee (katznjeep) wrote in babies2003,

Sleeping Issues

Frustration. My 3 year old is not sleeping like I would like.
She has always started her night with me or her dad laying down with her to sleep in our bed, then eventually, if we aren’t too tired or lazy, we transport her to her room.

Problem: She does not always fall asleep in a timely manner, which causes one parent to have to go to bed early and stay in bed until she falls asleep. This cuts our night short and makes things difficult if there are other things that still need to get done. For a while she would stay in her own room after transport. Now she comes back into our room and either goes back to sleep in our bed or if it’s light out, thinks she needs to be up, or wants to sleep downstairs (but really wants to eat or watch TV).

What is the solution for getting her to start in her own room and stay there? When she was younger, we had her gated in, then we needed the gates for the new baby. We’ve now taken the gates down again. I am going to be a single parent soon. My husband is being deployed in a couple months for a year+ and I would like to be able to be up passed 8:30/9:00.
Any suggestions?

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