Mandi (mommy_jackson) wrote in babies2003,

Im New!

1. What's your name? Mandi
2. What's your kid(s) name(s)? Kaitlyn Mae
3. When were he/she/they born? she was born June 24, 2003
4. Where are you from? OH
5. What are your hobbies? playing with my daughter, working outside in the yard, kids in general, cooking
6. What is you (your spouse)'s job? My husband works at a boring job here in OH lol
7. What are your child(ren)'s personality(s) like? my daughter is a very strong, stubborn girl. She is a sweetheart!!
8. Do your kids look like you and how? My daughter looks like me, she has some of my facial features.
9. What are some things you learned so far in your 2003 baby's life? PATIENCE!! :) and ive learned to slow down, and look at things like im seeing them for the first time
10. What ways have your kid(s) amazed you? My daughter has taught me so much, i can remember the first time she ever saw a bird, she just stared in amazement because she had never seen one. Now when i look at one it makes me think of how innocent she is.
11. Got any pictures of the lil squirt? Will post soon!!
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