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birthday presents!

I have 2 little boys with birthdays this month!
Jaden will be 4 the 13th
Damien will be 3 the 22nd
I can't believe how fast everything has gone..

Anyway, I have been trying to pick out and advise family/friends of good things to get them this year. For the most part its easy.
The only thing I am having a little trouble with is this Thomas the Train business.. Damien is OBSESSED with that stupid train!! Anything remotely related to it makes him just so happy and excited. Its adorable. Buying the stuff is not, however. I don't like keeping track of all the pieces, train tracks are a pain, there are 3 different series of trains to choose from, most of it is way over priced, etc. etc.
Soo, does anyone have any really cool Thomas toys that you would recommend?
Or even really cool 3-4 year presents in general?

One thing I know I would like to get the boys this year is something power wheelish (hah). They are both old enough to enjoy one. Its something they can do together, outside, etc. etc.
Any suggestions on that? Or do you think they are more work and storage space than it's worth?

and because we all know text-only posts are boring here is a lil photo of Jaden and Damien looking out the window:
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