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Greetings all!

1. What's your name? Kim
2. What's your kid(s) name(s)? Hannah
3. When were he/she/they born? Dec. 28th, 2003
4. Where are you from? Barrie
5. What are your hobbies? Not much other than being a mom and working!
6. What is you (your spouse)'s job? I am a financial planner and my husband is a table games supervisor in a casino.
7. What are your child(ren)'s personality(s) like? Hannah is very high strung and spirited!
8. Do your kids look like you and how? She has my eyes (although blue not brown) and she has my facial features.
9. What are some things you learned so far in your 2003 baby's life? Patience!
10. What ways have your kid(s) amazed you? How intelligent she is, how sensitive and caring she is and that she is going to do big things with her life!
11. Got any pictures of the lil squirt? Yes I do, and I will post them later!
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