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Question about strange habbits..

Hello all, I have a quick question about a couple strange habbits my son Logan has. He will be 5 on July 25. Anyway here they are:

1) He picks his lips until they are bloody. This is partly my fault because I go through periods where I sometimes pick my lips when I get nervous/bored. But he picks them and picks them until they bleed. He says it's because he doesn't like the scabs on his lips and I tell them they won't go away until he quits picking them but he doesn't understand that.

2) He is constantly sniffing. Like you sniff when you have a cold or something. But there's nothing there. OR he'll need to blow his nose but he just sniffs it. It's constant like once a minute or something like that. He's not sick, sneezing or has any diagnosed allergies. Then most times when I ask him to blow his nose he doesn't have anything in there.

Anyone have suggestions on getting these to quit? I am not looking to medicate him. Thank you!
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